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Sandra is the Gold Medalist in the Floor Exercise Final at the 2008 Beijing Olympics, and a Bronze medalist with her team! She is also the All Around Champion of the 2008 Arthur Gander Memorial and the 2008 Nadia Comaneci Invitational.
2011 brought Sandra the European title on vault and floor!
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The girls are off to Berlin

Source: DIGIsport
Posted on Apr 03 2011.

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Sandra Izbaşa interview: ”I want to win gold at the Europeans”


Sandra Izbașa (20 years old), Olympic champion in Beijing will go to Berlin on Saturday, together with Diana Chelaru, Ana Porgras and Amelia Racea, and will represent Romania at the European Gymnastics Championships. Izbașa will only compete on 3 apparatus: beam, floor and vault.

The medal which you won in Paris has give you extra confidence for these Europeans?

It gave me quite a big confidence for these Europeans, where I'll be going with big confidence.

Are you aiming for a gold medal?

This time I am going to the European championships with only one goal: to win. I am healthy. I feel in good shape. I expect to have a good competition.

Are you going to try to revenge on the past as well, because of the fact that you were away for so long from training because of injuries?

I don't like to revenge on the past. The injuries which I have had I've forgotten about. Right now I want to prove who I really am.

Will it be a strong duel between you and Diana Chelaru on floor?

I don't think we necessarily have to talk about a duel. It's important to realize that we are two Romanians with high chances to medal on this apparatus.

Would you have wished that these European Championships to have a team competition and not just an individual competition?

For me it doesn't matter if its an individual or team championship. It is am important competition where I know that I have to do my job the best I can.

How prepared are you for these championships?

I have trained a lot in the last 4 months, especially on floor and vault.

Are you going to compete on beam?

Yes, I will compete on it in when in order to do my entrance in the competition.

Source: Libertatea
Posted on Apr 01 2011.

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VIDEO - Training at Izvorani
GSP.RO presented yesterday the LIVE training from Izvorani of the Romanian gymnastics team.

Here we have some recordings. Thank you GSP!

Another video from training on www.Sport.ro

Sandra: "Now, I go there to win! I wish for a medal, for both me and Diana the gold medal. If that's not possible, then gold and silver."

Our friend Amalia has managed to record some moments from the end of the GSP transmission where you can see Ana's and Amelia's floor routines. You can watch the videos below but be careful because the sound is bad. smile

Posted on Apr 01 2011.

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Sandra Izbaşa is ready for the Europeans: "I want gold in Berlin!"


2008 Olympic floor champion, Sandra Izbaşa says that she hopes for a gold medal on the apparatus which brought her Olympic success. She already has 2 gold medals in her medal-record from the European Championships on floor, in 2006 and 2008.

Izbaşa will go to the European Championships in Berlin (between April 6-10) with teammates Diana Chelaru, Amelia Racea and Ana Porgras. This year there will be no team competition, only individual all-around competition and event finals.

- Sandra, how are you feeling after winning the floor final at the French International?
- It has given me a lot of confidence. Needless to say, I’m now hoping for gold in Berlin.

- Who will be stronger, the Russians or us?
- We will be the best, not the Russian girls.

- Do you fear competing against Diana Chelaru on floor?
- What matters is that we’re both Romanian. I’d like us to tie (for gold). If that’s not the case, then maybe one of us ranked first and the other ranked second.

- Have you prepared anything special for these European Championships?
- I have a few secrets, but I’d rather keep those to myself, because that’s what secrets are all about.

- Have you got over what happened at the Rotterdam Worlds?
- Yes, I’ve got over getting out of bounds. I’ve trained four months to get over that.

- For which finals do you hope to qualify at the European Championships?
- Floor and vault. I’ll also do beam in qualification, but only to get more of a feel for the competition.

- How are you feeling physically?
- Very good, I don't fell any pain anymore.

- How are you getting on with your new floor music?
- Very well. I’m beginning to feel it, and I like it a lot.

- You are now a mature gymnast and can analyse yourself. What are the current shortcomings of the gymnast Sandra Izbaşa?
- There are shortcomings, but that’s what I’m working on, to get rid of the shortcomings.

Article: GSP
Posted on Mar 31 2011.

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Last pass until the Europeans

At the Europeans, I hope I will compete, if not the same, much better than at the Paris World Cup. I would be very happy if this happened.
Now I am really fighting for a medal... because that's why I train so hard.

Source: DIGI sport
Posted on Mar 29 2011.

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Romanian representatives at the Europeans
Podium training Worlds 2010

The Romanian team for the European Gymnastics Championships, which will take place in Berlin between April 6 and April 10, were published on the official website of the competition.
Therefore, our country's representatives, after what you have probably thought will be: Sandra Izbașa, Ana Porgras, Amelia Racea and Diana Chelaru.
According to the list, Ana, Diana and Amelia will compete on all 4 apparatus and Sandra will compete on vault, beam and floor.

Good luck girls! You will have many fans, not only in front of the TV, but in the arena as well. wink
Posted on Mar 25 2011.

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New Pictures!
The photo gallery has been updated with new images from the 2011 Paris World Cup! Credit goes to eipos24 for providing a license for us to use his images on the website.

2011 Paris World Cup

Posted on Mar 23 2011.

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The girls are back from France!

Octavian Bellu for ProSport: "Sandra is one of the favorites for a medal at the Europeans. I don't want to brag, but she has moments when she exceeds the other gymnasts in training. She is mature, knows what she wants, it is a positive factor to have an Olympic champion in the room.".

"Sandra starts to gain the lost ground, but everything will improve step by step.", Mariana Bitang told GSP, confessing that her student is intensively preparing for the vault event. "Sandra is getting alone with vault, but in Paris she had no right to participate on this apparatus", she also said.

Another video, from DigiSport this time, here.
Posted on Mar 22 2011.

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Paris World Cup - Sandra Izbaşa won gold!
After one year in which she broke her Achilles Tendon, Sandra Izbaşa has come back in the world of gymnastics, after she competed in the French Internationals.

Sandra Izbaşa, gold on floor! The gold medal performance achieved by the Romanian at the Olympic Games, and repeated again at the French Internationals, a major World Cup event. The clean routine of the Romanian, even though it is not the final exercise she is preparing, was given a score of 14.833. The podium was completed by the world silver medalist, Diana Chelaru (14.633) and the Russian Ana Dementyeva (14.433).

It took Sanra two and a half years to come back as a winner on the floor exercise after she won the gold medal in Beijing, 2008. Her absence from the podiums were caused by the medical problems which appeared in 2009, which were finished with an operation on her ACL. Izbaşa returned to training in the summer of last year and was taken on board by coaches Mariana Bitang şi Octavian Belu, the new coaches of the Olympic gymnastics team. "Sandra is beginning to gain her lost ground, but everything will be happening step by step", Mariana Bitang declared, confessing that she is also preparing intensively for vault. "Sandra is presenting herself better on vault, but at Paris she didn't have the right to participate on this apparatus", the coach also said.

Sursa: GSP

Posted on Mar 21 2011.

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Paris World Cup - qualifications
Saturday, March 19, the qualifications of the Paris World Cup took place, where we had the pleasure to see Sandra's new floor exercise. A wonderful choreography which suits her well and just like Mr. Bellu said, "we hope it becomes a masterpiece"! With a score of 14.933, Sandra qualified in first place for the final, followed by Diana Chelaru (14.733), Vanessa Ferrari (14.300) and Anna Dementyeva (13.900).

Posted on Mar 21 2011.

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