Welcome to Sandra Izbașa Online, dedicated to the talented Romanian Artistic Gymnast Sandra.
Sandra is the Gold Medalist in the Floor Exercise Final at the 2008 Beijing Olympics, and a Bronze medalist with her team! She is also the All Around Champion of the 2008 Arthur Gander Memorial and the 2008 Nadia Comaneci Invitational.
2011 brought Sandra the European title on vault and floor!
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Gold for Izbaşa, silver for Chelaru

Sandra Izbaşa and Diana Chelaru have charmed the floor from Berlin, winning the gold and silver medals in the event finals on this apparatus yesterday.

Sandra Izbaşa won her third European floor title on floor, thus becoming the gymnast with the most European medals on floor.

"I don't really like this thing with idols. I want to do big things and become my own idol. I meet with myself every morning when I look in the mirror" these are Sandra's words as she took a further step in becoming an idol for little girls who are trying to learn gymnastics. With Nadia further away in time, Izbaşa is now the dominant figure in the last five years. She has five European gold medals, an Olympic title and a big spot in the hearts of gymnastics fans.

Even from the start of her senior debut, Sandra promised to have a long 'amor' story with the floor. In 2006, at Volos, when she was 16, when she wore braces and was only dreaming of an Olympic title, Sandra won a gold medal on the Greek floor. There were the first glimpses of a little girls who then collected stickers.

The next year would be a sweet and sour year for Sandra, who won a silver medal in the all-around at the European championships, but at the World championships an ankle injury left her in tears. 2008 was to be the best year for the gymnast who was born in Bucharest. At the age of 18 she became once again European champion on floor, European champion with the team, but also the best gymnast on floor, at the time when she won her title in Beijing. "From the age of 18, a gymnast starts to mature", she said after that fabulous year. Nobody then thought that three years later Sandra would be again on a floor at an important competition. These thoughts became more striking after autumn 2009 when Sandra injured her Achilles tendon."Gymnastics has entered my blood", would be one of the explanations for why she didn't close the door of the gym for ever.

Yesterday in Berlin, she didn't perform a perfect floor routine, but at the 20 years she knows what a competition is. She knows how to mask her mistakes, detached and how to seduce. It's no wonder her floor music name is "Tango amore". With a new leotard, with new make-up. And yes, for gymnasts, every detail counts, with her blond hair in a pony tail, Sandra got a score of 14.500. While the judges were calculating her score, Sandra was with her thoughts, she was analyzing her mistakes and wasn't smiling. If after the vault finals, where she won gold, was more generous in this sense, yesterday she controlled herself. In the last six years, Sandra won three of the six medals on floor. She knows she can do better. She stared sharply, already seeing in the distance the world championships, the only medal that is missing from her medal record. 16 years ago, when she entered a gym, Sandra didn't know what was happening to her, but now everything lies in her hands, the hands which have been given up to thousands of hours of training.


Sandra Izbaşa
born on June 18, 1990

Olympic Games 2008
1 gold medal on floor
1 bronze medal with the team
World Championships 2006
1 bronze medal in the all-around
1 silver medal on beam
World Championships 2007
1 bronze medal with the team
European Championships 2006
1 silver medal with the team
1 bronze medal on beam
1 gold medal on floor
European Championships 2007
1 silver medal in the all-around
1 silver medal on beam
European Championships 2008
1 gold medal with the team
1 gold medal on floor
1 silver medal on beam

The Romanian girls have won a total of 27 European medals on floor throughout history.

Source: GSP
Posted on Apr 14 2011.

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TVR interview

Sandra Izbașa is happy after the floor final which brought her a second gold medal at the European Championships in Berlin and that she is now back at her best form and she promises that she will share first place together with Diana Chelaru at the next big competition. ”We are not letting anything go, we wanted to get all the medals. We were expecting these results because we worked hard and we knew our potential. We are happy for these results. I had confidence in myself, but it wasn't easy for me. For me, no competition is easy, if it was, we would all be on the podium. For those at home I want to thank them very much from all my heart because they trusted me, that they gave me the power to step back in the gym and because they helped me to recover a lot and to get to the shape that I am now. I reached my goal, but as usual there is always room for improvement”, Sandra Izbașa declared after the final.

Sandra passed Diana in the Romanian duel on floor, but she urges her to keep working hard in order to get gold: ”She must work in order for her to at least become as good as me, if not better. And next time I promised Diana that we will both come out tied. She must have a title anyway, if I retire.”.

Source: romgym.ro

Sandra is very funny, she doesn't want to let anyone win any title, not even Diana! laughing
That's the way Sandra, fight for gold!
Posted on Apr 14 2011.

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Europeans 2011 - Floor Podium Ceremony

Congratulations girls!!!
Posted on Apr 10 2011.

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Europeans 2011 - Another gold medal for Sandra!

Below, you can watch Sandra's beautiful floor routine which helped her win the European title on this event, scoring 14.500 (D 5.8).

Congratulations Sandra!!!! You did great!!!

Final results:
1. Sandra Izbașa (ROU) 14.500 (D 5.8)
2. Diana Maria Chelaru (ROU) 14.475 (D 5.9)
3. Yulia Belokobylskaya (RUS) 14.450 (D 5.9)
4. Elisabeth Tweddle (GBR) 14.300 (D 6.0)
5. Julie Croket (BEL) 14.275 (D 5.6)
6. Carlotta Ferlito (ITA) 14.050 (D 5.5)
7. Anna Dementieva (RUS) 13.950 (D 5.7)
8. Tunde Csillag (HUN) 13.150 (D 5.3)
Posted on Apr 10 2011.

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Europeans 2011 - Vault Podium Ceremony

Congratulations Sandra and good luck today!!!

The Medal Ceremony:

TVR News:

Posted on Apr 10 2011.

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Sandra Izbașa: “I worked hard…”


Sandra Izbașa clearly dominated the vault event finals of the 2011 European gymnastics championships and won the title with two valuable vaults with high start values and very good execution, the result of hard training for all the past months.

Sandra explains that after the competition, she knew how to cope with her emotions and that this was the deciding factor in wining her medal.”I was confident. I knew I worked hard and that was that. But I was also lucky because I was able to cope with my emotions. It's my first vault event final after four years. It is a medal which is raising our expectations for this apparatus for future competitions.”.


At the World championships in 2010, Sandra was competing with only one vault, and now at Berlin she presented two vaults with a start value of 5.8 and 5.6 respectively.
”Mrs. Bitang and Mr. Bellu had faith in me and proposed that I do two vault for the final and I accepted. I have two valuable vaults, the second two tenths lower than the first, but you can improve on it. I need a better vault for the upcoming World championships and Olympics because there, there will be competition from all around the world, not just Europe.”.

For the floor final, Izbașa, Olympic champion, avoided saying a prognostic.”For tomorrow's floor final I am not promising anything, I don't like making promises. Emotions exist, but whoever controls them will win.”.


Source: romgym.ro
Posted on Apr 09 2011.

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Europeans 2011 - Gold Medal for Sandra on vault!

PHOTO: Reuters

Sandra offered us today a great surprise, having two beautiful executed vaults in the European Championships event finals in Berlin.


You can watch the vaults below; she got 14.700 (D 5.8) for the first vault and 14.650 (D 5.6) for the second one.

Final results:
1. Sandra Izbasa(ROU) 14.675
2. Oksana Chusovitina(GER) 14.538
3. Arielle Kaeslin(SUI) 14.475
4. Tatiana Nabieva(RUS) 14.288
5. Elisabeth Seitz(GER) 14.188
6. Giulia Steingruber(SUI) 14.000
7. Elena Racea(ROU) 13.150
8. Nastassia Marachkouskaya(BLR) 13.063
Posted on Apr 09 2011.

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Europeans 2011 - Videos from prelims
Sandra's vaults:

Balance Beam:

Floor Routine:

Posted on Apr 07 2011.

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Europeans 2011 - Qualifications

The qualification round of the European Championship held in Berlin today went very well for Sandra Izbașa.

It seems that the hard work has paid off and Sandra managed to qualify from the first position both on floor with 14.600 (D 5.8 + E 8.8) and vault where she performed a DTY (D 5.8) and a Layout Podkopayeva (D 5.6), for both of them receiving a score of 14.525.

On balance beam Sandra wished just to perform and to get better in the competitive atmosphere but had a well-executed exercise, with 5.5 difficulty, for which she received 14.100 - a score that brought her in the eleventh place as the third reserve.

Congratulations , Sandra! In the finals to be the same or better for you!

Short qualifications video

Source: TVR
Posted on Apr 06 2011.

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The girls competed in the podium training

FOTO: IG Forum

Ana Porgras, Sandra Izbaşa, Amelia Racea and Diana Chelaru performed Monday, April 4, the podium training at the Max Schmeling arena in Berlin, the host of the 2011 European championships, making the first contact with the apparatus on which they will perform in Wednesday's qualification.

It was a training session in which the girls had a contact with the apparatus, with a competition atmosphere. The arena is friendly, very nice, the apparatus is good. There was a problem in the morning, in the first series (with Ana Porgras and Amelia Racea possibly) when the training was conducted with some light spots focused on the apparatus which disturbed training quite a lot. But, after the first subdivision the lights were opened because the girls had to train under the conditions in which they will perform. Tuesday we have 2 training sessions, they are normal things. Each gymnast was trying to control her interest in implementing the execution they will perform in the finals”, Octavian Bellu declared for Agerpres.

Tuesday the final nominations will be due for the women's qualification round and Octavian Bellu has not yet decided who will compete on all 4 apparatus:
For now we would like to see how the gymnasts will perform on Tuesday, nothing is decided yet. It was a useful training session just like any other podium training session is”.

The girls will present the same exercises performed in Rotterdam, at the world championships in 2010. There was not enough time to add elements of high difficulty.
The only thing to remark is that Sandra Izbaşa is performing a second vault, with a smaller difficulty value, but on which you can build on in the future with a more difficult vault. Finally, the girls must win with confidence, in amplitude, clean execution, good form, things which are hard to correct after years and years of competing elements in a wrong way. We are trying to solve these problems as we move on, because nobody is waiting for us”, the women's coach added.

Our girls are the favorite for the beam and floor titles, but Octavian Bellu is looking at these predictions with caution, especially because there are always surprises at these competitions:”I can't say anything and I am not making any predictions, because any competition has its surprises, is unpredictable. For example, I saw a girl from Israel who was vaulting very well, but nobody cared. Nobody owns the European title before, just because something has a history, or that her scores say that on paper.

Source: radio Reșița

Romanian team on TVR:

EDIT Some videos from training:

Posted on Apr 05 2011.

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