Welcome to Sandra Izbașa Online, dedicated to the talented Romanian Artistic Gymnast Sandra.
Sandra is the Gold Medalist in the Floor Exercise Final at the 2008 Beijing Olympics, and a Bronze medalist with her team! She is also the All Around Champion of the 2008 Arthur Gander Memorial and the 2008 Nadia Comaneci Invitational.
2011 brought Sandra the European title on vault and floor!
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Sandra Izbaşa at the ceremony of awarding the title of Doctor Honoris Causa to her coach, Octavian Bellu
Sandra Izbasa (21), Olympic Champion on floor, draw all the attention of those present at the ceremony of awarding the title of Doctor Honoris Causa to her coach, Octavian Bellu. To the event held at the National University of Physical Education and Sports in Bucharest, Sandra displayed a bold look, bringing more with a very successful model. The gymnast revealed who is the person who advises her regarding her look and why is she afraid in Japan, the country which will host the future World Gymnastics Championships.

Libertatea: There are only three months before the World Championship in Tokyo. How's the training going?

Sandra Izbaşa: I think I've made good progress since Euros, I have added new elements to my routines.

What events do you bet on?

I'm working on 3 apparatus but if everything goes well, there might be a surprise...

Your opponents are afraid of you...

That's good. I'm not afraid of the competition, I'm only afraid of God and making mistakes. I normally try to control my nerves and follow my coaches' advice.

Japan was shaken some time ago by a devastating earthquake. Are you not afraid to go there now?

I like to be optimistic and not think about such things. I hope we won't have troubles there.

You are a very stylish girl. How do you choose your clothes?

Thanks for appreciation, but I liked to be this way since I can remember. I like to be elegant. I am quite demanding regarding clothes.

It's hard for you to walk on heels?

(laughing) Ah, no way. I feel very good.

How did you choose this haircut?

I just wanted to have a new look. I thought that it's summer now and it's time to cut my hair and give him a new form.

Do you ask the advise of someone before taking certain decisions on changing your look?

My mother is my "advisor". I talk to her every time.

Photos: Dumitru Angelescu
Source: Libertatea.ro
Posted on Jul 11 2011.

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New look for Sandra
The gymnast Sandra Izbașa has changed her look for the Olympics.

Romanian gymnastics medals collector, Sandra Izbașa, listened to her mother who advised her to pull out a Marilyn Monroe look.

Until the Olympics, Sandra Izbașa wants to take her first World gold medal in Japan. In Japan, she's afraid of earthquakes, not opponents.

Source: sport.ro
Posted on Jul 08 2011.

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Happy birthday!
Happy birthday, Sandra!
We wish you to be healthy, happy and as ambitious as we know you can be!

Posted on Jun 18 2011.

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Training video
On the website Observatorulph.ro you can find an interview with the Romanian coach, Octavian Bellu (made by Cătălin Stavri).
The video also contains recent images from the girls training.

Posted on Jun 11 2011.

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New montage

Thank you blokflip13!
Posted on Jun 10 2011.

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The Medal Factory - Episode 2
The long waited episode finally appeared on the internet in a better quality. It's all about Andreea Răducan's Cup, competition organized for the first time this year in Bârlad. Enjoy! smile

Posted on Jun 07 2011.

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Interview Sandra Izbașa
At 20 years of age, Izbaşa accepts with a smile on her face the sacrifice that she has to make for her personal life. Asked to talk an interview, Sandra talked about her hobbies and future plans.


Click! You will spend Easter in camp. How will it be?

Sandra Izbaşa: I have been doing this for 8 years, so I'm used to it. My parents will come to hit an egg with us, and to have a toast and that's about it. We don't have time for a holiday until the Olympics. I perfectly know what I want from life.

Do you wear lucky earrings in your ears?

They really aren't a charm as many people believe. I wear them because I want to be pretty, to not look like a boy (laughs). It would be stupid to think that if I get a piercing somewhere, I automatically get a medal...

Do you practice other sports or do follow them on TV?

I watch handball, fencing and weightlifting. I do better at handball, I did it in primary school and I was a pretty good pivot (laughs). I admire the girls from the national team and I was really happy that I got the chance to talk to them on the place coming back from the Olympics.

Do you know how to cook?

That's a hard question (laughs). Honestly, I don't have time to stay in the kitchen and I can't see myself stirring food. Food is not my hobby anyway.

Are you a speedy driver?

No, I drive very carefully. For my gold from the Olympics I got an orange Hover with my name on it, but in the future I will get myself a smaller car.

Do you collect anything?

I bring some fridge magnets for my mum from any corner of the world. Personally, I don't collect anything anymore.

What type of movies, books and music do you prefer?

I like action or comedy films. On books, lately I have moved on from detective books to more romantic novels, and music, I listen to almost anything except manele.

Who do you think is the most attractive gymnast?

None, I have completely different tastes when it comes to boys. They have an ok body, but they are not my type.

What is the strangest gift you have ever received?

A chihuahua from my parents. I called him Nini after one of the mascots from the Olympics.

What's your nickname?

When I was younger I was called Oscar because I used to shine more in competitions than in training.

Do you have a tattoo or would you ever get one?

Never, it would be something silly because at any corner of the street you see someone with a tattoo.

Are you thinking of becoming a mum?

Ohoo... maybe in seven or eight years. For now, I don't consider myself too responsible to be a mother. Anyway, I won't stay in gymnastics like Chusovitina until the age of 35, that's for sure.

She wants to go in fashion

Sandra has big hopes for the future. Her plans have nothing to do with gymnastics, but with fashion.

„It's possible to create my own line, Sandra Izbaşa or something like that, but not now because it would need a big investment", the gymnast explains, who also said that she has started to be more careful with spending money:" I am not like before when I used to spend all the money I had. Now I like saving it for the future."

Business Card

D.O.B: 18 June 1990
Place of birth: Bucharest
Club: CSA Steaua
Olympics 2008: gold floor, bronze team
WC 2006: silver beam, bronze all around
WC 2007: bronze team
EC 2006: gold floor, silver team, bronze beam
EC 2007: silver all around, silver beam
EC 2008: gold beam, gold team, silver beam
EC 2011: gold vault, gold floor

Source: Click
Posted on Jun 03 2011.

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The Medal Factory
"The Medal Factory", a new TV show with our beautiful Romanian gymnasts. You can see below the first episode (only in Romanian). Enjoy! smile

Part 1

Part 2

Posted on May 15 2011.

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Tare! Magazine - number 2

The first magazine dedicated to Romanian gymnasts was published last year in December and it was a great success, pleasing many fans of this sport.

I have now the opportunity to announce that today, the second edition of this magazine has been published and in it you will find a very special interview with Anamaria Tămîrjan, a special interview with the junior gymnasts who are training at Devasmile but also other articles and interesting interviews.

The second edition of this magazine can be downloaded here, and if you didn't see yet the first issue of the magazine, you'll found it here.

An interview about the launch of the interview can be read on Fangymnastics.
Posted on May 04 2011.

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Romania Withdraws from Moscow World Cup
Romania will not be competing at the upcoming Moscow Stars World Cup, the Romanian Gymnastics Federation announced Tuesday. Romanian stars Sandra Izbașa, Ana Porgras, Diana Chelaru and Flavius Koczi had been on the roster for the competition, an apparatus World Cup scheduled for May 13-14. Romania's participation was canceled because of "the decision of our coordinating coaches given training reasons," the federation stated.

Source: www.intlgymnast.com
Posted on May 04 2011.

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