Welcome to Sandra Izbașa Online, dedicated to the talented Romanian Artistic Gymnast Sandra.
Sandra is the Gold Medalist in the Floor Exercise Final at the 2008 Beijing Olympics, and a Bronze medalist with her team! She is also the All Around Champion of the 2008 Arthur Gander Memorial and the 2008 Nadia Comaneci Invitational.
2011 brought Sandra the European title on vault and floor!
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Nice thoughts for Mr. Octavian Bellu
The girls celebrated their coach, Octavian Bellu, who turned 61 years old last week (details HERE), but their thoughts are still at training for the Olympics in London.

Sandra Izbașa: "We are training and the work it's harder and harder. But we are glad, the coaches also, that we are healthy and we can improve in training.".

Source: www.dolce-sport.ro (VIDEO)

Posted on Feb 23 2012.

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Izbaşa, looking forward to London: "I cannot wait!"

Sandra had to go through 2 other surgeries last year but says she will go till the end and get to her second Olympics.

She has experienced all possible emotions from the joy of the Olympic, World and European medals to the disappointment of failures and injuries but she is still anxious for the London Olympic Games. She is Sandra Izbasa, 22 in June, who has been in gymnastics for 18 years now and still finds motivation to keep going.

- Sandra, are you healthy now? What was the problem with your foot after all?
- I am fine now. The doctors didn´t know why the hematoma kept appearing either. In the end they said it was the strain, nothing to do with the 2009 surgery. After I had surgery again, it disappeared.

- You had to have surgery again?
- Yes, around September – October, on the left foot´s Achilles and the right leg. I am strictly following a program now and I hope everything will go well. With only 6 months to go till the Olympics I will hang on till the end. I am careful not to push it too much and we all hope everything will be ok.

- So, when did you go back to full capacity training?
- In December I started to follow the normal program again.

- Anything new in your routines? Where are you with the difficulty?
- Everything is new. Adding difficulty and working on the execution is normal if we want to do well in the next competitions. I won´t tell anything else because we want this to be a surprise.

- Have you started training bars as well? Do you see yourself in the all-around?
- My palms hurt, I just moisturize at night and I start again the next day. For the all-around, it all depends on how they will want to approach this.

- How´s beam going?
- I´m training to help the team. I am fighting for every apparatus.

- Do you already have the floor music?
- We are struggling to pick it for some time. It´s very difficult, everything must be perfect for the Olympics. It´s like with the clothes, you feel different when they are clean.

- The European Championships are next, it would be nice to repeat the 2008 success when you won 2 gold medals and became Olympic Champion.
- I will be at the Europeans if I am healthy. And maybe the Olympics will work out even better than in 2008, I always want to improve on that.

- That means you want a shinier medal with the team and more gold medals in the individual finals...
- The team will probably have to be sacrificed but I do hope to improve in the finals.

"With patience you go a long way"

- Did it frustrate you to have won 2 gold medals at the Europeans and then not be at the 2011 Worlds?
- Of course it was hard, especially since I had improved a lot. But I was patient and told myself the Olympics are more important. I had gone though this before in 2009. I have nearly won it all, so it´s balanced. You have a World Championship every year, but you go to the Olympics once every 4.

- Where do you find the strength to keep going after all the injuries?
- I´ve learned this from my father: “With patience you go a long way.” I proved to myself once again how strong I am. I was not credited with a chance to make a comeback in 2009. Back then I went back to the gym but I didn´t take things seriously until Mr. Bellu and Mrs. Bitang returned to the team and told me I had potential.

- What about fear? Does it stay with you after such an injury?
- The mental pain was bigger than the physical one. There is always fear, it won´t go away but I am my own psychologist. It´s impossible for an injury like this not to leave scars.

- Why couldn´t Ana Porgras fight through it for 6 more months?
- I don´t know if I should comment on this subject. What I do know is that everyone tried to talk her into staying, we all did. They made her the most beautiful montages. I´m sorry she wasn´t motivated enough to stay.

- What motivates Sandra Izbaşa, the Olympic and European champion, at this point?
- I don´t even know anymore. I think I am still doing gymnastics for those around me, for the people I love.

- And they are...
- Oh, etc. etc. and so on.

- Then what does Sandra Izbaşa dream about?
- When I close my eyes I see the moment after the Olympics. I cannot wait, I dream everything will be perfect. I dream of the moments after.

Source: GSP
Translated by: Romanian Gymnastics Fans
Posted on Jan 23 2012.

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TVR 55 -The Romanian Sport Gala

Many Olympic, World and European medalists have gathered to Romanian Television, in a marathon-gala where the spectators had the opportunity to watch emotional images from the history of the Romanian sport. (Source: TVR)

Anicia managed to record the Romanian Gymnastics part. Thanks!

Posted on Jan 05 2012.

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Tare! Magazine no. 3

Tare! Magazine no. 3 had finally appeared in the Christmas evening as a beautiful present for the ones who love Romanian Gymnastics. You can find there interesting intervies, articles and a gallery with photos from the National Championships held in Onești and the World Championships in Tokyo.

You can find it here (only in Romanian).
Posted on Jan 05 2012.

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The Romanian Gymnasts spent the Christmas in France

Cătălina Ponor, Sandra Izbașa, Larisa Iordache, Ana Porgras, Diana Chelaru, Diana Bulimar, Gabriela Drăgoi, Amelia Racea, Raluca Haidu, Daniela Andrei and Diana Trenca spent the Christmas in France, in a cantonment organized by the Dijon Gymnastics Club. The purpose of this travel was to break the monotony and also try out the Gymnova equipment - the one that will be used at the Olympic Games in London this year.

Source: Fangymnastics.com
Posted on Jan 05 2012.

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Sandra Izbaşa, Flavius Koczi and Valentin Mavrodineanu, the best gymnasts in 2011

The Romanian Gymnastics Federation has announced the list of the best athletes in 2011. Therefore Sandra Izbaşa and Flavius Koczi were named the best athletes in Artistic Gymnastics, and Valentin Mavrodineanu is the best in Aerobic Gymnastics.

WAG Top 10 for 2011: 1. Sandra Izbaşa, 2. Diana Chelaru, 3. Amelia Racea, 4. Cătălina Ponor, 5. Ana Porgras, 6. Larisa Iordache, 7. Raluca Haidu, 8. Diana Bulimar, 9. Daniela Andrei, 10. Diana Trenca.

MAG Top 10 for 2011: 1. Flavius Koczi, 2. Marius Berbecar, 3. Cristian Băţagă, 4. Marian Drăgulescu, 5. Vlad Cotuna, 6. Ovidiu Buidoşo, 7. Andrei Ursache, 8. Andrei Muntean, 9. Daniel Rădean, 10. Andrei Groza.

Aerobic Gymnastics - Top 10: 1. Valentin Mavrodineanu, 2. Corina Constantin, 3. Mircea Zamfir şi Tolan Petru Porime, 5. Maria Luisa Pavel, 6. Andreea Bogati, 7. Laura Cristache, 8. Delia Lăcătaru şi Anca Surdu, 10. Mihăiţă Cimpoi.

Source: Mediafax
Posted on Dec 21 2011.

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Sandra Izbașa represents Romania alongside Gerovital

Posted on Dec 13 2011.

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Get well soon, Sandra!

Posted on Oct 06 2011.

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Details about Sandra not going to Worlds
Sandra Izbasa will not go to Tokyo because we don´t want to take any risk. We want to remove any pain she feels in the injured foot. Any health problem, as minor as it may seem, can grow worse and do even more damage. When the doctors will give her the ok to start training again, she will be looking directly to the Olympic Games. We have to adjust as best we can to this situation.” said Octavian Bellu at the Henri Coanda airport for adevarul.ro. (Translated by RomanianGymnasticsFans)

Posted on Oct 03 2011.

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Sandra Izbaşa didn't go to Tokyo!

FOTO: Heather Maynez

An important absence for the Romanian gymnastics national team. Sandra Izbaşa will not go to the World Championships in Tokyo (8th-16th of October). Sandra accused pain in her right foot, the same leg where she had surgery in 2009. sad

"It was a last minute decision. We decided to protect her and not to deviate from the old principle, that all who participate in competitions to be completely healthy. We tried to rest her, but pain persisted. Sandra remains a team player. She has greatly increased the difficulty of her routines, but we did not want to risk.", Octavian Bellu said.

"The absence of Sandra is a blow for us. She is one of the pillars of the team, but I respected the decision of staff, which is to look ahead. I hope she'll get rid of those aches ", Adrian Stoica said, the president of the Romanian Gymnastics Federation.

Sandra Izbaşa is the European champion on vault and floor in Berlin, and was listed among the favorites to medal at the World Championship in Tokyo.

Source: Prosport

The Romanian Teams for Tokyo:

Women - Ana Porgras, Cătălina Ponor, Diana Chelaru, Amelia Racea, Raluca Haidu, Diana Bulimar, Daniela Andrei.

Men - Flavius Koczi, Cristian Băţagă, Vlad Cotuna, Marian Drăgulescu, Marius Berbecar, Ovidiu Buidoşo, Andrei Ursache.

Romania teams for Japan left this morning to Tokio where they will arrive tomorrow.

Source: romgym.ro
Posted on Sep 30 2011.

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