Welcome to Sandra Izbașa Online, dedicated to the talented Romanian Artistic Gymnast Sandra.
Sandra is the Gold Medalist in the Floor Exercise Final at the 2008 Beijing Olympics, and a Bronze medalist with her team! She is also the All Around Champion of the 2008 Arthur Gander Memorial and the 2008 Nadia Comaneci Invitational.
2011 brought Sandra the European title on vault and floor!
Check around this website to learn more about Sandra!

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GER vs. ROU vs. GBR Results

AA Results
1.Larisa Iordache 59.750 (15.050 - VT, 14.850 - UB, 15.300 - BB, 14.550 - FX)
2.Kim Bui 55.000
3.Diana Chelaru 54.750 (14.650 - VT, 12.150 - UB, 13.550 - BB, 14.400 - FX)

Scores that were not added to the team total (Prosport):
Diana Chelaru beam: 13.550;
Amelia Racea floor: 13.800;
Raluca Haidu bars: 13.950.

"Sandra Izbasa warmed up together with her teammates but then did not compete. Octavian Belu told me after the competition that she was in good shape but that the floor was quite hard (no podium) and they had decided to protect her not to risk anything." - TCG
Posted on Apr 29 2012.

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Germany vs. Romania vs. Great Britain Meet

Saturday, 28.04.2012, a new meet will take place in Ulm, Germany. The teams present there will be:

Team Romania: Sandra Izbașa, Cătălina Ponor, Diana Chelaru, Amelia Racea, Diana Bulimar, Larisa Iordache and Raluca Haidu (AK)

Team Great Britain: Ruby Harrold, Jocelyn Hunt, Charlotte Lindsley, Niamh Rippin, Kelly Simm.

Team Germany: Kim Bui, Nadine Jarosch, Elisabeth Seitz, Janine Berger (AK), Oksana Chusovitina, Pia Tolle, Marquard Isabelle.

*AK - will participate just as individuals not being part of the team

Source: www.dtb-online.de
Posted on Apr 25 2012.

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France vs. Romania VIDEOS


Sandra's floor routine 0:48



For a better quality click here: http://www.youtube.com/user/AureliaGym/videos
Posted on Apr 25 2012.

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France vs. Romania - official results

Posted on Apr 25 2012.

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Romania in Final Warm Up for Europeans

On Saturday, France will welcome junior and senior squads from Romania for a dual meet in the northwestern city of Cholet. World medalist Youna Doufournet headlines the French lineup, which will go head-to-head with Romania's top team: Diana Bulimar, Diana Chelaru, Raluca Haidu, Larisa Iordache, Sandra Izbasa, Catalina Ponor, and Amelia Racea.

Izbasa, who missed the 2011 Worlds with a sore Achilles' tendon, is training for the all-around again, said coach Octavian Bellu.

"Sandra is training normally on all four events", Bellu told a Romanian newspaper. "As this European championships is not for the individual all-around, we will decide shortly before the competition which events Sandra will compete".

Though several nations will challenge for medals in Brussels, Russian remains the team to beat, Bellu said.

"Basically there is no change in this regard", he said. "It's clear that Russia will be our biggest adversary".

Source: International Gymnast Magazine Online


Mira Boumejmajen
Manon Cormoreche
Clara Della Vedova
Youna Doufournet
Anne Kuhm
Valentine Sabatou
Sophia Serseri
Eric Demay
Cecile Demay

Sandra Izbașa
Cătălina Ponor
Diana Chelaru
Amelia Racea
Diana Bulimar
Larisa Iordache
Raluca Haidu
Mariana Bitang
Octavian Bellu
Lucian Sandu

Clara Chambellant
Emeline Magniant
Claire Martin
Amelie Pauffert
Valentine Pikul
Maelys Plessis
Louise Vanhille
Francois De St. Martin
Xiaolian Ning
Marie Colson
Diana Teodoru
Stefania Stanila
Andreea Munteanu
Miriam Aribasoiu
Paula Tudorache
Silvia Zarzu
Cristian Moldovan
Lacramioara Moldovan
Alexandru Militaru
Adriana Vinerean

The program:

Posted on Apr 19 2012.

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TVR Interview: Sandra training for Euro
Unfortunatelly the video has no sound, but the important fact is that Sandra is doing well and she managed to improuve her second vault.

Posted on Apr 18 2012.

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Sandra Izbaşa, recovering with the help of a modern device

Still recovering after her left knee injury, Sandra Izbasa, 21, is already back in the gym at Izvorani. The Beijing Olympic champion is catching up with her physical preparation, wears a special orthosis and is hopes to speed up her recovery with the help of a special device brought especially for her from Viena. Sandra has been slowed down but not stopped in her road to the 2012 London Olympic podium. She has started to get over the injury she suffered last Thursday on bars and is pushing to get back on the apparatus. Diagnosed with an injury on the internal collateral ligament of her left knee, she was sent to Viena to be consulted by doctor Reinhard Weinstabl.

We wanted to have a second opinion, just to be sure. We tried to check if there was any speedier recovery method so that she didn´t have to spend 10 days with the orthesis if we could help her get well faster. We are being pressured by time...” Adrian Stoica, president of the Romanian Gymnastics Federation, explains.

Bellu: „There is no point in forcing her“

Sandra returned from the Austrian capital with a confirmation of the initial diagnosis and with the hope of a faster recovery, with the help of an electrotherapy device. “The doctor advised us to use it as it was made for this type of injury. It is easy to carry and it will be of help in future cases.” Octavian Bellu declared.

The light impulse this devise uses will speed up the recovery by reducing the edema and the Olympic champion is doing 2 sessions a day. “Sandra is fine, it wasn´t anything serious. The fact that she can walk by herself means things are going well. She has great physical potential and if she keeps fit during this period she won´t have problems when she starts training again. There is no point in rushing her, she will have to take this one step at a time, we don´t want to force anything” Bellu continues. In parallel with the electrotherapy recovery, Sandra will be wearing an orthesis for 10 days after which she will gradually start her apparatus training.

Adrian Stoica, RGF president: “The savings we made with the sponsorships helped support this cost. I pray there is no other injury until London, because we can´t cover anything else.”
Mariana Bitang: “Sandra is not in pain, her knee is not swollen. It was just the fear of what could have happened.

Source: Prosport.ro
Translated by: Romanian Gymnastics Fans
Posted on Mar 05 2012.

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TVR Interview: Sandra is feeling good!

Push CC for English Subtitle!

Posted on Feb 24 2012.

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Sandra Izbaşa, waiting for the diagnosis

Unfortunately Sandra Izbaşa had a knee injury in training today and she was carried to the hospital for more investigations.

UPDATE 14:30 in GSP: Sandra Izbaşa and Mariana Bitang are seeing the doctor Doru Filipescu and after the first investigation it seems that it's a ligament tear, not a rupture. At 4pm she will have a MRI to establish the exact diagnosis.
Posted on Feb 23 2012.

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TVR Interview
The gymnasts are training for the Olympics in London, but also for the European Championships in May, competitions transmitted live on TVR.

Exclusive interview with Octavian Bellu, Cătălina Ponor and Sandra Izbaşa, HERE!
Posted on Feb 23 2012.

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