Welcome to Sandra Izbașa Online, dedicated to the talented Romanian Artistic Gymnast Sandra.
Sandra is the Gold Medalist in the Floor Exercise Final at the 2008 Beijing Olympics, and a Bronze medalist with her team! She is also the All Around Champion of the 2008 Arthur Gander Memorial and the 2008 Nadia Comaneci Invitational.
2011 brought Sandra the European title on vault and floor!
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Izbasa's Mom "My Daughter Is In Dilemma"

The mother of the Olympic champion Sandra Izbasa, Roxana Izbasa told ziarulring.ro that her daughter is in dilemma of whether to continue doing gymnastics or quit the sport.
"At my daughters age most gymnasts take a step back because their health is in danger after more than 15 years of the sport" Added Roxana.

The Olympic champion's parents advised her not to quit the sport before assessing her potential however Roxanna said that the decision is in the hands of her daughter "If you want, you can continue, it has been our message for her".

Sandra decided to take everything step by step so she can make sure there are no serious health problems
 "All we want for her is to compete as long as she can, we will keep encouraging and motivating Sandra, we haven't discussed Rio yet but we prefer to take it slowly" said Roxanna

Sandra spent the vacation with her friends as it has been along time since she last took a vacation. Sandra as well as the her teammates eats anything she wants but does not go over the allowed amount of food. According to Mrs Roxanna Sandra has always taken care of her health and weight.

Sandra Izbasa missed 2009 and 2011 worlds due to injuries as well as the 2010 Europeans. Besides her vault gold in London, Izbasa had won a gold medal on floor exercise at the Beijing Olympics.

Translation of the original article by WOGymnastike volunteer Sere Powell
Posted on Oct 03 2012.

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Sandra Izbasa Wants To Take Everything Step By Step

Romanian gymnast Sandra Izbasa end her vacation and is now back in training. The 22 year old gymnast hasn't decided yet whether she will go for Rio or not as she wants to take everything step by step.

"As for now, I just want to stay healthy, I have been through hard times. After the Beijing Olympics I wanted to compete in some competitions. Now everything has changed so quickly and i want to take everything step by step" said Izbasa.

Izbasa's teammate and five time Olympic medalist Catalina Ponor has not made her decision for her next competition "Its up to her if she chooses to continue or not" said Octavian Bellu the head coach of the Romanian team.

Source Digisport.ro

Photo by Zimbio

Translation by wogymnastike.blogspot.ro
Posted on Oct 03 2012.

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Sandra Izbasa"I Have No Boyfriend & Gymnastics Is Not A Hard Sport"
Unlike her competitor Aliya Mustafina of Russia, Izbasa has no boyfriend.

The four time Olympic medalist denied rumors of being in a relationship with her coach's (Mariana Bitang) son onVodafonebuzz's Live streaming Londra, she also revealed she has no boyfriend.

The 22 year old gymnast confirms having no
 Facebook page, she also finds fake Facebook pages extremely annoying.

American gymnast Mckayla Maroney who was the favorite to win the Olympic vault title, shockingly fell on her second vault opening the door for Izbasa to win the title. Izbasa failed to defend her Olympic title on floor as she suffered a fall on her last tumbling pass. When asked why did she not medal in floor final while Maroney won one on vault with a fall, she explained that her last tumbling pass was one of the requirement thus getting her routine deducted with 0.2.

Izbasa's best events are floor and vault which she is an Olympic champion on each. For Izbasa Gymnastics is not a hard  sport if you are talented. She doesn't have gymnastics' nightmares but always dreams about perfecting her routines.

When asked if she considers having her teammate Catalina Ponor as her coach, she said she thinks that Catalina is going to do another type of coaching however Izbasa said she likes the idea.

Big Thanks for Youtube User Freya Endsville for translation 

Posted on Oct 03 2012.

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Sandra Izbasa: “I Know That I Have to Better Myself”
Sandra Izbasa describes the road from Beijing to London as “four years between agony to ecstasy” in an interview by Mirela Basescu (Prosport). Sandra talks about her injury, about how she wrote to the federation that she wanted to retire (before 2009 Euros) and about the happiest moments of this period, which came from hard work. Are these ups and downs as well as the long periods of break a possible explanation of how she managed to stick around for another Olympics?

Did you ever think, after Beijing, that you will go to London?

Honestly, no. I remember that after I won the gold, there were a few reporters that asked me if, after fulfilling my Olympic dream, I will see them in London too. It was the most definite “I don’t think so” I have ever said, and now, after four years, I am still in the gym.

How were these last four years?

From agony to ecstasy, with two years outside the gym, with an injury after which I didn’t think I will be able to walk again, gymnastics being out of question at that time, and then with two years of hard work after which results started to appear.

What was the most difficult moment of the last four years?

The one with the injury. I don’t even know how did I manage to overcome what happened, I allowed time to heal everything on its own, because I remember that when I started my recovery I didn’t think I had the slightest chance to come back. It was a period during which I could not watch my floor routine, because that was the event on which I got injured.

Are the emotions, the nerves, stronger than in Beijing?

I don’t know, they shouldn’t be. They are constructive nerves, like before any other competition, maybe some extra pressure let’s say. Everybody expects that, after the results we had at Euros, we will win as many medals as possible in London. We are training to do that, to do well, it will depend on the day we have too…

In the last years, did you ever think seriously about retirement?

Yes, right before my injury from 2009, before Euros. I felt that I was not able to continue, I even send a letter to the federation that I didn’t want to participate in that competition. I can say that at that time I was 90% retired. Then the injury happened and everything changed, I had to move on.

You came back for 2010 Worlds and you had those steps out of bounds. Did that affect you?

Naturally, but I tried not to think about it too much and find new landmarks to be able to go on. And the answer came six months later, at Euros when I won two gold medals.

You seem to have bad luck at Worlds. Last year you had to withdraw from the team right before they left for Tokyo…

It was frustrating, because I really wanted to go there, I had added new elements, but the health problems held me back. Trying to protect the foot on which I had suffered the tendon reconstruction surgery, I injured my other foot.

On how many events will you compete in London?

Four, uneven bars and beam for the team and on floor and vault I want to fight for event finals.

A new Olympic floor routine begins to take shape?

Yes. After searching a lot, I have also found the song, “Shine On, You Crazy Diamond” by Pink Floyd. There is a lot of movement but I have time to breathe too. I think it suits me and I hope the audience will like it. I am going to London to show to the world what I have worked for all these years, to show that the Olympic title was not an accident.

How do you see the competition for floor, with Larisa and Catalina?

I don’t think about them as my direct competitors because I am my own enemy. Everyone trains to be the best, and I know that I have to be better than myself, not better than Catalina or Larisa.

What are your expectations in London?

I want to be healthy and present my routines exactly the way I have trained them, to be able to control my nerves and in the end everybody to be satisfied.

Source: http://www.prosport.ro/alte-sporturi/jo-2012/izbasa-a-fost-la-un-pas-sa-renunte-la-gimnastica-dupa-ce-a-stat-saptamani-in-scaunul-cu-rotile-acum-vrea-aurul-olimpic-am-crezut-ca-nu-voi-mai-merge-vreodata-9894625

Translation: Bea Gheorghisor for TCG
Posted on Jul 29 2012.

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Happy birthday, Sandra!

© Intact Images/EPA

Wishing you good health, the best wishes, and may this year be the best for you!

Below you can watch a video dedicated to Sandra, our champion!

Posted on Jun 18 2012.

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Euro 2012 – Qualifications - Video

Posted on May 10 2012.

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Euro 2012 – Qualifications
Team partial results after the first subdivision:
1. România 177.472
2. Rusia 172.562
3. Italia 168.005
4. Polonia 154.897

Romanian gymnasts scores:

Cătălina Ponor 15.166 (5.8)
Sandra Izbașa 15.100 (5.8) + 14.700 (5.6)
Larisa Iordache 15.000 (5.8)

Uneven Bars
Larisa Iordache 14.266 (5.9)
Diana Bulimar 13.841 (5.5)
Raluca Haidu 13.700 (5.5)

Larisa Iordache 15.733 (6.7)
Cătălina Ponor 15.633 (6.4)
Diana Bulimar 14.900 (6.0)

Larisa Iordache 15.133 (6.4)
Cătălina Ponor 14.800 (6.2)
Diana Bulimar 14.200 (5.8)
Posted on May 10 2012.

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Euro 2012 – Podium Training – Video

PHOTO: Grace Chiu

(Cata, Sandra 0:16, Diana 1:14)

More photos here.
Posted on May 08 2012.

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The Romanian Team for Euro 2012

The Romanian Team for Europeans is represented by:


PONOR Cătălina

Coaches: Octavian Bellu, Mariana Bitang, Lucian Sandu, Marius Vintila


ZARZU Silvia

Coaches: Cristian Moldovan, Lăcramioara Moldovan, Gheorghe Orban

International Judges: Olga Didilescu și Gabriela Robu.

Good luck, girls!
Posted on May 08 2012.

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TVR Video - detalils about Sandra
TVR News about the meet in Germany, here.

It seems that some pain in the left foot appeared, I hope nothing serious because Bellu is still counting on Sandra to compete on vault and maybe floor at Euros.
Posted on Apr 29 2012.

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