Welcome to Sandra Izbașa Online, dedicated to the talented Romanian Artistic Gymnast Sandra.
Sandra is the Gold Medalist in the Floor Exercise Final at the 2008 Beijing Olympics, and a Bronze medalist with her team! She is also the All Around Champion of the 2008 Arthur Gander Memorial and the 2008 Nadia Comaneci Invitational.
2011 brought Sandra the European title on vault and floor!
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Gold medal for Sandra in Ghent

Sandra Izbasa, the 2008 Olympic champion on floor exercise, debuted a new routine in Ghent using folk staples "Hava Nagila" and "Kalinka" (tucked full-in; 1 1/2 to triple twist; 2 1/2 punch front full).

International Gymnast Magazine

Here is Sandra's new routine from the event finals (Ghent World Cup) - Gold Medal

Posted on Jan 04 2011.

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Izbaşa, first place in qualification at Ghent WC

First two places on floor in the qualification round were:
Sandra Izbasa 13.900 pts
Diana Chelaru 13.800 pts

Posted on Jan 04 2011.

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Yay!!! Izbasa to Compete Against Great Britain

2008 Olympic floor exercise champion Sandra Izbasa of Romania is planning to compete in a dual meet against Great Britain in Ipswich, England, Aug. 12-14.

Izbasa, who turned 20 on June 18, tore her right Achilles' tendon in September 2009 while preparing for the London world championships. She told IG earlier this year that she probably would not compete at all in 2010. Now she is planning to compete on vault, balance beam and floor exercise in Ipswich. Health permitting, she will most likely compete at the Rotterdam worlds in October.

In other Romanian news, the drama surrounding Nicolae Forminte seems to have been resolved. Forminte, who took over as women's head coach in 2005, when Octavian Bellu and Mariana Bitang retired, resigned earlier this summer when he learned that the Romanian Gymnastics Federation had recruited the expertise of Bellu and Bitang for the national team. After taking a vacation, Forminte returned to his post, but only briefly. Now he is looking elsewhere for a coaching position.

The national team has been training in Izvorani (outside of Bucharest) over the summer, but plans are not finalized for the fall. Also, it is still unknown which coaches will accompany the women's team to the world championships in Rotterdam.

Could the successful tandem of Bellu and Bitang be walking the sidelines again? Stay tuned.

International Gymnast Magazine
Posted on Jan 04 2011.

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Sandra at Nadia Comaneci International Invitational
Foto: www.intlgymnast.com

International Gymnast Magazine published an article about the upcoming competition "Nadia Comaneci International Invitational" in Oklahoma City and also offered us some great videos from girl's training.
2008 Olympic floor exercise champion Sandra Izbasa of Romania leads the field, which also includes her 2007 worlds teammate Daniela Druncea.

Izbasa and Druncea trained are training all four events, and worked efficiently in training. After a brief warmup, they moved to vault. They each performed one Yurchenko timer, then flipped one tucked Yurchenko, then one tucked Yurchenko-full and then multiple layout Yurchenko-fulls. After brief tests of the other equipment, they immediately began performing half and then full routines.

Here are Izbasa and Kononenko training balance beam. It seems like Sandra has a new element, "wolf jump with 360 turn", you can see it at minute 0:59 in this video.

You can read the rest of the article here.
Posted on Jan 04 2011.

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Sandra Izbasa: Prosport interview

Our colleagues from fangymnastics translated the interview with Sandra from Prosport. You can read it below:

Sandra, what are your goals for 2009?

My goals for 2009…well, first I need to get my driving license, second I have the baccalaureate exam and third, I have the World Championships. They are not in this order as importance, but they are planned like this on months. After I get my driving license I am going to focus on studying and then, in October, there are the Worlds.

How is it going with preparing according with the new code of points?

Pretty well…I am starting to work on the bars, the floor exercise I find pretty easy, I can say that now I don’t have 5 diagonals anymore, only 4, but with higher difficulty. The same goes for the beam, I need to increase the starting value, while the vault will remain the same.

The only title that you miss is the world title. Are you nervous about that, are you already preparing mentally for the Worlds or you take everything step by step, first the Europeans and then…?

Exactly, I’m first going to participate in the Europeans, warm up, see where I stand. Nervous I’ll be everywhere, but I won’t go there with the thought that I’m missing the World title, because I could have said that also at the Olympics, that I want very much the Olympic title and that I’m nervous. I didn’t want to get to the other extreme and I preferred to do my exercise, the one which I have rehearsed thousand of times before presenting it in the Olympic final. Of course, at the Worlds it will be different, because I really wish to win, but, if it doesn’t happen this year, maybe it will happen next year, the Worlds are every year, not like the Olympics.

Do you feel a bigger pressure because you are Olympic champion and you go there with a reputation and people are waiting from you to do your best and to get on the podium no matter your condition?

I cannot say it’s a bigger pressure…it is a reputation earned, which needs to be kept at a high level, I don’t want to make a fool of myself….because it took a lot of work to win this title, so I’ll try to keep it.

Which is the goal for the Europeans? How do you see this competition, with which thought will you go there? Do you want an AA title, event titles?

All-around, of course, I really would like, because it is the title I have worked for so many years, but so far it hasn’t meant to be. Now it is a priority for me because, after the Olympics, many gymnasts have retired, the code has changed, and it is a bit more difficult. I have the capacity of changing my exercises very fast and a medal on AA is not everybody’s achievement. And, of course, two finals: beam and floor.

Posted on Jan 04 2011.

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Grand Prix Milano Results
Sandra at Grand Prix Milano

First of all I want to say congratulation Sandra and Dana!!!
As we expected, Sandra was great at this competition also and won the floor event and was second on balance beam after Lia Parolari. The big surprise was Dana Druncea because we did not expect to see her competing this year but we are glad to see she's healthy and we hope she's also motivated to continue and demonstrate what she's capable of.

Here are the results:

Women's Floor Exercise
1. Sandra Izbasa ROM 14.850 (5.8/9.15/-.1)
2. Daniela Druncea ROM 14.000 (5.7/8.30)
3. Serena Licchetta ITA 13.750.000 (5.5/8.55/-.3)
4. Lia Parolari ITA 13.600 (4.9/8.70)
5. Andrea La Spada ITA 13.550 (5.5/8.05)

Balance Beam
1. Lia Parolari ITA 14.850 (6.1/8.75)
2. Sandra Izbasa ROM 14.650 (6.4/8.25)
3. Andrea La Spada ITA 14.400 (5.7/8.70)
4. Daniela Druncea ROM 14.150 (5.7/8.45)
5. Serena Licchetta ITA 13.750 (5.8/7.95)

Uneven Bars
1. He Kexin CHN 17.000 (7.7/9.30)
2. Lia Parolari ITA 14.700 (6.1/8.60)
3. Serena Licchetta ITA 14.300 (6.0/8.30)
4. Andrea La Spada ITA 14.100 (5.6/8.50)
5. Daniela Druncea ROM 12.650 (5.6/7.15/-.1)
Posted on Jan 04 2011.

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What you don't know about Sandra Izbaşa!
A great article about Sandra from Prosport.

Sandra Izbaşa doesn't have any secret. The best Romanian gymnast, the only Olympic Champion from Europe to WAG, at this year's Olympics Edition from Beijing, is a 18 years old young lady who fights to keep her childhood. Always smiling and joking, Sandra revealed for ProSport some of her thoughts.

„Now, because the leafs fell down from the trees, I can see better my car and near I can see my grandmother and the Olympic team's dog who keeps an eye on our house”.

„A peaceful river and a clear sky”.

(she's thinking a while) „Nothing so far. I'm pleased with the way I look”.

(smiling) „Me having 28 years old… well, a regular people having his house, having a car, maybe a boyfriend”.

„It's hard… (laughing)… I cannot see myself as a mother yet, but in life you have to do this also, it's normal because the family is important”.

„I prefer it plain-spoken”.

„I'm a fighter and when I have something in mind, nothing can stop me. I always liked to choose the hardest path”.

„It's very important. I don't want to be praised to the skies, but to be appreciated for what I am and for what I'm doing”.

„I had moments when I wanted to give up and go home when I couldn't do some skill the way I wanted, but I never really wanted to retire, no matter how exhausting or painful was an injury I had”.

„I want to have a place of mine, my house, a car, to have a family and a tree. A tree that I want to plant home, in my courtyard at Domneşti. A, and the basement I want to use as a room where I can create choreographies for floor event”.

„What have you felt after taking the Olympic Gold? You can't explain something like that, it's a state, an experience, a feeling that you cannot describe in five words”.

„No. I'll have enough time after I retire from gymnastics. I want to concentrate on sport right now”.

„Oscar. On training I don't have the maximum performance but in the contest I give everything”.

„By affinity, preferences and others. For instance after the Olympics we are very united, what happened there consolidate our relationship”.

„Cheng Fei. She's a great athlete, an improver and has a big character. She knows how to lose honorable, she's fair play. After I finished my floor exercise in Beijing, she was the first person who came and congratulated me”.

„I learned to arrange myself, I learned how to handle. OK, I would like to go to a hair stylist like Shawn Johnson does, as I saw in montages”.

„It depends of the importance of the contest, what it could mean to me or how many people see the contest. All my leotards are beautiful but I prefer the one with blue and white from the Olympics”.

“I love to be childish, to enjoy every little thing. I want to  act like a child  a few more years, then will see" - Sandra Izbaşa
Posted on Jan 04 2011.

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