Welcome to Sandra Izbașa Online, dedicated to the talented Romanian Artistic Gymnast Sandra.
Sandra is the Gold Medalist in the Floor Exercise Final at the 2008 Beijing Olympics, and a Bronze medalist with her team! She is also the All Around Champion of the 2008 Arthur Gander Memorial and the 2008 Nadia Comaneci Invitational.
2011 brought Sandra the European title on vault and floor!
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Sandra is aiming vault finals
Even if she hasn't performed two vaults for almost five years, the coaches have convinced Sandra that she has huge potential for this apparatus and now she wishes that at the World Championships and even at the Olympics, she will fight for a medal on vault.

Good luck, Sandra!

Posted on Mar 17 2011.

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Surprise test
The four gymnasts who are aiming the European podium in over 3 weeks, were tested yesterday by their coaches, Mariana Bitang and Octavian Bellu who prepared them a surprise test in competition conditions.

"Only the girls who have something to show will go to Berlin", says Octavian Bellu.

It seems like Sandra will have a new floor routine using the "Tango Amore" piece by Edvin Marton. You can listen to the song HERE.
I like it very much!

... and a new vault! Well done Sandra!

Posted on Mar 13 2011.

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The reason for not going to Cottbus

The coach of the Romanian Olympic WAG team, Mariana Bitang, declared, Wednesday, for MEDIAFAX, that the 4 gymnasts initially written down as taking part at the Cottbus World Cup, will no longer participate, because the organizers have changed the program of the competition.

"We would have arrived Thursday night in Cottbus, and the second day, at 2pm, the qualifications would have taken place. We would have had time for training, but the organizers have decided to move the women’s qualification to 10am, so there wouldn’t have been time for anything. We would have barely woken up and headed straight to qualifications. It has been decided to not participate anymore. The girls will only participate at the Paris World Cup". (Mariana Bitang)

The Cottbus World Cup will be followed in the European calendar by the French Internationals, at Paris-Bercy, on the March 19-20. Romania will be represented by Flavius Koczi and Marius Berbecar on the men side, and by Diana Chelaru, Ana Porgras and Sandra Izbaşa on the women's side.

At the competition in France, only the finalists from the World Championships last year were invited, and the top 4 athletes on each apparatus according to the world cup ranks in 2010. The Romanian delegation will be composed from the coaches Ştefan Gal, Octavian Bellu and Lucian Sandu.

Shortly after the French Internationals, artistic gymnastics from across the European continent will be looking towards the European Championships, programmed between April 2-10, in Berlin.
Posted on Mar 10 2011.

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The girls are no longer going to Cottbus :(

According to a last minute decision, the girls will no longer take part in the Cottbus World Cup, the Romanian Gymnastics Federation announced.
Unfortunately, the reasons for this change are not stated ... I just hope that participation at the Paris World Cup will not be canceled.
Posted on Mar 09 2011.

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Let the competition begin!
The participants list of the Cottbus World Cup (11th-13th of March 2011) was finally published and we have the pleasure to announce the Romanian gymnasts competing there:

Amelia Racea
Ana Porgras
Diana Chelaru
Sandra Izbașa

Please check out the page Upcoming Events to find out the future competitions for Sandra.
Posted on Feb 22 2011.

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Anxious to surprise!

FOTO: schreyer-photo.com

Sandra is ready for this year's European Championships in Berlin and hopes that this time she will surprise the world and that what happened at the World Championships in 2010 will not happen again; where she stepped out of bounce twice in the floor event finals.

I think that she surprised everyone last year as well when she came back and started working on 3 apparatus and I think that we should not summarize the World Championships just from one event final, the floor final.

TVR has made a small report with the training from Izvorani where we can find more surprised if we look at it carefully :) .

Good luck Sandra, I hope everything turns out as you wish!
Posted on Feb 22 2011.

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Sandra Izbasa did great on the GSP TV sports news!

Sandra Izbasa presented the sports news on Christmas Day on GSP TV, with Costin Deşliu.

Sandra was nervous while presenting the news, but she knew how to overcome the small problems very well.

Coming directly from training, Sandra was curious to see how the 'Antena1' set looked like. “We don't eat cake at this time, why are you eating it?“, Sandra joked with the team from 'Antena'. After she was in the make-up room, Sandra joked about Gigi Becali and also about Bianca Drăguşanu.

You only have news about Becali, when will you have more news about gymnastics? And what is Bianca doing in my news? Does it matter that she is the girlfriend of prince Cristea?!“, Sandra told Cosmin. After one hour of news presenting, she admitted: “ I was more nervous than I was at major gymnastics competitions, but it was good! Now I will return back to gymnastics, but in the future I will take Cosmin's place.“, she joked.

You can see Sandra as a TV presenter here.

You can find out more details from backstage if you watch here.

Source: GSP

Posted on Feb 22 2011.

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Ten Questions with Sandra Izbașa
The Couch Gymnast published an interview with Sandra Izbașa and you can read it here.
Posted on Feb 22 2011.

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«God gave me a second chance»
With over a month since the World Championships in Rotterdam concluded, Sandra Izbaşa (20 years old) explains why she heavily regreted not winning a medal on floor exercise and why she believes that God gave her a second chance to continue in the sport.

Libertatea: Sandra, you spoke very little in the press about the World Championships in Holland. Was it a disappointment for you?
Sandra Izbaşa: I would be unfair if I said so. After the injury which I had (she tore her ACL), I think it was a lucky comeback. Practically, God gave me a second chance to compete in gymnastics and I took it with pleasure. With 3 months before the World Championships, I didn't even think I would be on the team. With the help of the coaches, who strongly believed in me, I came back on the team and helped the team on 3 apparatus.

Did you think you would get a medal?
I said it clearly, before heading to Rotterdam, that I am not thinking about winning a medal. I was happy that I was once again on the team and that I can practice artistic gymnastics again.

But didn't you regret that you didn't get a medal on floor?
I mostly regreted the fact that I gave my medal away, how it's said, to another gymnast from another country. I was in grief from this point of view.

Obviously, there's a question coming that you surely were expecting...(laughts)
You want to ask me if I still want to do gymnastics? The answer is a positive one.

She isn't thinking about retirement

Until when?
I am 20 years old and I think that gymnasts at this age shouldn't think of retirement. We are barely stretching for the big performance sport. At this age we think completely different. We are no longer children who act like little robots. The relationship between the athlete and the coach is one of collaboration. They understand us and they support us 100%, and we need to act like professional sports women.

Decorată cu «Meritul Sportiv»

Sandra Izbaşa won, together with the Olympic national team, numerous medals at Olympic Games, World Championships and European Championships. But Sandra's most precious medal is the Olympic gold, which she won at the Beijing Olympics in 2008. At the same competition, she was also on the cover of the magazine "FHM" Spain, where Almudena Cid appeared on it; where Sandra was chosen as one of the most sexiest gymnasts to have a bronze medal with her team. As a result of her results, Izbaşa was decorated the 'Merit Sports' award. In her gymnastics record, the gymnast has also won silver on beam and bronze in the all-around at the World Championships in 2006, bronze with the team at the 2007 World Championships, gold on floor, silver with the team and bronze on the beam at the European Championships in 2006, silver in the all-around and on beam at the European Championships in 2007 and gold with the team and on floor and silver on beam at the European Championships in 2008.

Chosen by FHM Spain as one of the sexiest

The gymnast Almudena Cid, who pozed for FHM, Spanish edition, was chosen the most sexiest in the world on the site "Bleacher report", which consulted all the sports women in sports activity. Sandra Izbaşa was on eight place. From where does our gymnast knows that she is included in this? “I am finding out from you! I didn't know that I was giving such a good impression. I can say that it honours me, but this doesn't mean I will take it too seriously, that I will ever consider myself as a celebrity. Not at all!”, Izbaşa told us.

Source: Libertatea
Posted on Jan 04 2011.

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Izbaşa şi Koczi, fourth place at Swiss Cup

The Romanian team, Flavius Koczi and Sandra Izbaşa, finished on fourth place at the international competition held in Zurich, Swiss Cup.

The two gymnasts totalized 29.000 points (Flavius Koczi - 15.000, Sandra Izbaşa - 14.000, both competing on floor), being topped by Germany 1 with 30.850 pts (Elisabeth Seitz - 14.850 pts on uneven bars, Fabian Hambuechen - 16.000 on high bar), by Italy, with 29.350 pts (Vanessa Ferrari - 13.850 pts on floor, Matteo Morandi - 15.500 pts on rings), and Switzerland 1, with 29.200 pts (Ariella Kaeslin - 14.150 pts on balance beam, Claudio Capelli - 15.050 pts on parallel bars).

Source: GSP



Training videos:

Posted on Jan 04 2011.

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