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Sandra is the Gold Medalist in the Floor Exercise Final at the 2008 Beijing Olympics, and a Bronze medalist with her team! She is also the All Around Champion of the 2008 Arthur Gander Memorial and the 2008 Nadia Comaneci Invitational.
2011 brought Sandra the European title on vault and floor!
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Only Larisa Iordache and Diana Bulimar will represent Romania at Euros

Sandra Izbasa: "I wish the little girls will come to gymnastics because they will grow harmoniously, will have a proper posture and if they’re good they can go a long way"

Izbasa will skip the Europeans in Moscow but she'll compete at Worlds hopefully.Larisa Iordache and Diana Bulimar will represent Romania at Euros.

Diana Bulimar: "We know how it is to be only the two of us, we’ll encourage each other"

Larisa Iordache: "For me a very big satisfaction will be to get a medal. I think it’s the dream of all the gymnasts"


Source: www.sport.ro
Posted on Apr 16 2013.

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Sandra Izbasa: "Worlds are the target for me"
In an interview for Romanian newspaper Prosport, Sandra Izbasa talks about her decision to keep training this year, her plans and how she readjusted to training at Izvorani.

At the end of 2012, you were not sure whether you should continue in elite gymnastics or retire. How do you feel about this now?

I am training now and it feels good. Although I had not made a final decision back then, I had the confidence that I could go back. Half of me wanted to retire and half to continue, but I have decided to keep training this year. I also settled on not setting a goal for myself to attend any specific competition. I just wanted to see how I did within the new code of points and if I got used to it. This is how I came back, it was natural.

How difficult was it to go back to the gym and how did your coaches see this?

They believed in me from the very start and supported me through this. It was a bit difficult since I had to stop training for 2 weeks to take my final exam. That felt like winning a medal for me. I have graduated from the Kinesiology College in Bucharest and this makes me really happy. I’d like to thanks Dean Mariana Cordun, professors Cojocaru and Alexandru Buzescu and all the other professors who supported me. I am as grateful to them as to the professors I already mentioned.

What is new for you now and how was re-adapting to life at Izvorani?

Izvorani holds the only gym where I can properly train. The re-accommodation went well; I have more freedom now and I get to decide whether to stay there or not as long as I get enough rest.  I train 5 hours a day split in 2 trainings and I get Sundays off. I don’t have much time for anything else as I get home very late in the evening. I get a shower, watch TV a bit and fall asleep.

You were on the initial Moscow list. Why aren’t you going anymore?

Missing two weeks of training impacts a lot and I only had one month to train for the Moscow European Championships. Excluding Sundays, one month of training is not much for such a competition. I wouldn’t have been able to perform at top level. I was on the list because it’s easier to take someone out than to add him in.

What apparatus would you have competed on?

I would have competed on floor because this was easier to get back to and I would have kept the London Games song because the public likes it. I’m not sure I would have been able to compete on vault as well as in London so I would have gone for floor only.

Do you still experience pain?

You always do, this is part of a gymnast’s life. The important fact is that I haven’t had any major problem. I have to thank God for that but I am aware that it can come back again anytime because of the hard work.

You’re not going to Euros, so the next target seems to be Worlds…

There will always be some pressure because everyone, including me, expects good results. I wouldn’t be honest with myself if I didn’t acknowledge this. But I have to control this and make it constructive. Of course Worlds are a target for me. If I make it, then great. If not, life is not over with gymnastics.

One last question. You attended the handball Champions League semifinal game between Oltchim and Gyor. What qualities does an athlete need to be able to override a 2 goal difference (Oltchim lost 22 to 24)?

I lived that game alongside the players, my hands were sweating. I believe you’ve lost one battle but not the war and the girls should build their hopes on this principle. It’s a good start for a comeback. I really hope they can show the Hungarian players how strong they are in the second leg.

Sandra’s final thesis was entitled “The importance of the kinetic physical treatment on an Achilles tendon injury”, the same injury she suffered in 2009.

I hope the girls will be healthy enough for Moscow so that they can show the judges everything they’ve worked for.”

Original interview by Andru Nenciu for Prosport here.

Source: romaniangymnast.com
Posted on Apr 11 2013.

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The Man of the Year Award - Cotidianul.ro

[...]Another award was offered to the wonderful gymnast Sandra Izbașa. ”This award honors me and I wish that our National Anthem will be singed to more and more sport contests: we are working for this!”, said our champion. [...]

To see the other winners and a lot of pictures of the event go to the original article on cotidianul.ro.
Posted on Mar 14 2013.

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Sandra Izbaşa, the golden girl!

Check the gallery for more pictures:

Sandra Izbaşa is promoting the Show of Champions on Digisport
Posted on Feb 18 2013.

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From London To Rio Gala VIDEO

Sandra izbasa appeared in the From London to Rio Gala with WAG gymnasts Anna Pavlova, Ksenia Afanasyeva, and Maria Paseka (Russia) and teammate Catalina Ponor.

You can watch the full broadcast of the event here! This video is a recording from Normandie-TV, a French Television Station broadcast of the event. The event took place on February 1 and 2.

MAG: Belyavskiy, Garibov, Klochkov, Veselov

RSG: Uliana Donskova, Julia Linert, and Claudia Linert

Trampoline: Allan Morante and Pierre Gouzou

More information can be found from the event's official website (in French language).
Posted on Feb 18 2013.

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Sandra Izbasa - invited to a TV Show at Kanal D

Original interview translated by WOGymnastike volunteer Alex Mladinescu

Sandra said that for her only gold medals matter as its the ultimate dream of every gymnast but that doesn't mean she is not happy with her other medals. Izbasa added that the gold medal gives her motivation to continue and strength. "Its the harvest of all your hard work" said Izbasa.

Asked how she feels about being named "The most beautiful gymnast in Romania" she said "I can't say I am not happy about it, I am really flattered".However Izbasa doesn't think her teammates or her friends envy her stating they don't have any reason to feel so."Maybe some girls in the show business" said Izbasa.
Posted on Oct 19 2012.

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Sandra Izbașa and Cătălina Ponor at Univé Gym Gala

Sandra Izbașa and Cătălina Ponor confirmed their participation to the 16th edition of Univé Gym Gala that will take place between 21 and 23 of December in Almere - Holland.

Source: GymPOWER
Posted on Oct 04 2012.

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Andreea Esca and Sandra Izbaşa, together for a noble cause

Andreea Esca and Sandra Izbaşa join forces to help a capaign of a Romanian Foundation who tries to prevent and fight breast cancer.

Photo: www.remusachim.com
Source and pictures: Viva

Posted on Oct 04 2012.

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Sandra Izbasa - "Even At 80, I'll Still Cry"

In a recent interview four time Olympic medalist Sandra Izbasa of Romania admitted she hasn't watched her performance in London's event final. The 22 year old gymnast who failed to defend her Olympic title on floor    stated that the failure to medal was not the reason behind it while the vault final being a short one was the reason for not watching it despite winning the title.

After her Olympic victory, Izbasa went on vacation and visited the beautiful city of Vienna, Austria which she found very beautiful.
"It was very beautiful. I visited some very nice places, where I discovered some very fascinating views. I can say it was an active vacation, since I’m not the kind of person who stays in a hotel room and rests. Besides I preferred to visit as many places as possible and drive my new car"

Despite being two months since her victory in London, Sandra still tears up whenever she looks at her images in the vault final which she surprisingly won.
"There were very emotional moments, which I will never forget as long as I live. Even at 80, if God helps me to reach that age and someone shows me those imagines, I’ll cry."

Sandra came back to training after a month off as she got invited to perform in several galas. The Romanian gymnast hasn't made up her mind whether to continue doing elite gymnastics or not.

Source Libertatea.ro

Original interview translated by Alex Maldinescu for WOGymnastike

Posted on Oct 03 2012.

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