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Sandra is the Gold Medalist in the Floor Exercise Final at the 2008 Beijing Olympics, and a Bronze medalist with her team! She is also the All Around Champion of the 2008 Arthur Gander Memorial and the 2008 Nadia Comaneci Invitational.
2011 brought Sandra the European title on vault and floor!
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Sandra Izbasa Might Make A Go To A Third Olympics

After the successful comeback Catalina Ponor made after four years retirement,the Romanian national gymnastics team might be witnessing another one.

Sandra Izbasa who announced her retirement after last year’s World championships, has not completely abandoned gymnastics, even if she said that she doesn’t have the desire to spend anymore time in the gym after she’s done.

After her retirement, Sandra adjusted to life outside gymnastics. She is now studying for her master degree in kinesiotherapy. She also has accepted a job as a manager of the PR department of her club Steaua Bucharest. The club is owned by the Army, where Sandra is a lieutenant.

In an interview given to DIGISport earlier this year , Sandra said that she’s feeling very good right now with what she has been doing and she wants to take everything step by step because she knows what’s best for her.

“I have not gone to the gym for training with the girls since last year, December was the last time I went with them. I only go to the gym to take good care of my body and health and it’s always good not to suddenly stop” said the 23 year old retired gymnast “I go whenever I have time to Izvorani and I constantly meet the girls and the coaches. I haven’t said goodbye like I was never to return there.” said Sandra in the above mentioned article.

In DIGISport’s “Champions of DIGISport” show which was broadcast at the end of this March, Sandra stated that she is thinking of competing in Rio, but cannot give a straight answer because her return would depend on certain factors.

“I will try in the future, I don’t know yet, if the code will allow me. I never said no, I have not completely given up on gymnastics. If I will manage to have a good competition at the European and World Championships I will try to come back, if not, I prefer to do what I am doing now and what makes me feel better” Sandra told DIGISport “It would be very nice to compete at my 3rd Olympics, it would be something unique for Romania since no Romanian gymnast has ever competed at three Olympic games”.

We remind you that Sandra is the 2008 Olympic champion on floor and 2012 Vault Olympic champion. She also has two Olympic bronze medals, both won in team competition.

Translated by WOGymnastikA

Posted on Apr 10 2014.

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Sandra Izbasa Interview

Why gymnastics?

Why gymnastics? Because my parents wanted me to practice a sport, not necessarily for performance, but so I could grow beautiful, harmonious and consumed all the energy that I had in a safe place, away from danger.

I can say that the gym was the third choice in a row, because in the first phase I was on a tennis field and I was not really attracted because at that time the racket was bigger than me, than I was in a fencing hall and i couldn't really understand what happens with that sword, I thought that if you get touched by it who knows what can happen to you … and I said no, let’s try something else.

In an August day, having the age of four years and almost 2 months, together with my parents we entered a gym. There we were retrieved by coach Lia Ceampelea who presented us a few things about gymnastics. What fascinated me the most was these girls that flipped over their heads. I spent an hour in the room to study and understand about what this is … then another coach came, named Corina Ibis, who checked me to see if I’ll be able to practice this sport. She said that i am very good, only that in a while I grow bigger than the other girls. She was right, she probably took a look at my parents also smile. So I started in the initiation group being penultimate in the alignment.

Why gymnastics in this moment, because I made ​​the best choice at that age and it was the sport that fit me like a glove. I thank everyone for their trust and support!

What is your most beautiful memory of childhood?

There are many beautiful memories that bind me to my grandparents, parents, school colleagues, the colleagues from the lot and the coaches, both the club and the people from the lot.

Read the entire interview on lauracristache.wordpress.com
Posted on Apr 10 2014.

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Olympic Champion Sandra Izbasa "Taking a Break"
Beautiful article by gymnastike.org

After a storied career including two individual Olympic titles, Romanian gymnast Sandra Izbasa announced she was considering retirement after the 2013 World Championships.

Izbasa was one of three Romanian women to compete at this month's World Championships in Belgium. She competed just one event, floor exercise. With a gorgeous routine in qualifications, Izbasa advanced to the event final in second place. During the final, she had another medal-worthy routine in the works until the final skill. Sadly, she took a fall on a 2.5+front full twist. But like a true Champion, Izbasa stood back up, smiled, and graciously waved to the crowd for a decade of support. Adoring fans around the World mused... could she really end her career with a fall?

Since then, Izbasa's future in gymnastics has been uncertain. A few articles, including an in-depth write up on gsp.ro, reported that Izbasa has chosen to walk away from gymnastics. "I do not regret anything," she told gsp. "I have medals of all colors, I really need a break."

However, Izbasa has since clarified. It appears "break" is the key word. In a comment on her Facebook page on October 14, she wrote, "I can't say goodbye to gymnastics, because I have realized that gymnastics is everything to me. I'm not excluding a comeback but for now I need a break"

At age twenty three, Izbasa has endured much in the sport, including two Olympic cycles and a devastating achilles tear in 2009. She made her World Championships debut back in 2006 where she claimed the all around bronze and silver on beam. She helped Romania to two Olympic team medals, bronze in 2008 and 2012, in addition to World silver in 2007. Most importantly, Izbasa will be remembered as the 2008 Olympic Floor Champion and 2012 Olympic Vault Champion. In total, Izbasa has accumulated seven World and Olympic medals.

Regardless of whether or not Izbasa makes a return to elite gymnastics, she will go down in history as one of the greatest Romanian gymnasts of all time.
Posted on Mar 03 2014.

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7th place for Sandra on floor finals
It might be the last time we've seen Sandra competing, it's so unreal, I don't want her to ever quit competing, she's a champion, she has a great character and her own elegant style sets apart.
I want to thank you Sandra for everything you've done for Romanian gymnastics and for our tears of joy.
We love you!


1. BILES Simone USA 6.5 8.500 15.000
2. FERRARI Vanessa ITA 6.2 8.433 14.633
3. IORDACHE Larisa ROU 6.1 8.500 14.600
4. MURAKAMI Mai JPN 6.2 8.266 14.466
5. STEINGRUBER G. SUI 6.1 8.233 14.333
5. ROSS Kyla USA 5.7 8.633 14.333
7. IZBASA Sandra ROU 6.1 7.633 13.733
8. BLACK Elsabeth CAN 5.7 7.966 -0.1 13.566
Posted on Mar 03 2014.

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Antwerp 2013: Qualifications
After a beautiful exercise, Sandra got 14.733 (D 6.2), a score that placed her second, after Simone Biles with 15.033. On third placed qualified Larisa Iordache and Vanessa Ferrari, both with 14.500.

Posted on Mar 03 2014.

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Successful Podium Training :)

You can see more pictures on our FB Page Sandra Izbasa Online
Posted on Sep 30 2013.

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Our gymnasts left yesterday to Antwerp! Good luck guys!
Posted on Sep 26 2013.

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Sandra, ready for Worlds!
Posted on Sep 26 2013.

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Vitality4Me Tour Participation List
This week-end will take place the Vitality4Me Tour in Holland; Romania will send Sandra Izbasa and Diana Bulimar only. Unfortunately Larisa Iordache is under treatment and will skip this contest. We hope that she'll be healthy soon and that she'll participate on World Championships.

Source: https://www.facebook.com/DOS.Alphen.ad.Rijn
Posted on Aug 29 2013.

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Happy birthday, Sandra!

Collage made by Alex Mladinescu

We love you!
Posted on Jun 18 2013.

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